7 Things You Need To Get Done Before Your Mehndi Event

7 Things You Need To Get Done Before Your Mehndi Event

From Beauty Treatments To Essentials To Pack, Here’s All That You Need To Know.

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


The weeks leading up to your wedding day are destined to be jam-packed. Final outfit fittings, last minute trousseau additions and shopping for wedding favours and what not. Every event of your wedding week has its own special needs. Whether it’s the haldi paste for your haldi event or the garlands for your wedding ceremony, a lot of these common things can be missed easily.

To make your wedding planning journey a little easier, we have curated a list of things you need to get done for your mehndi event. The UK’s bridal favourite henna expert Kavita of KV Mendhi who has worked with thousands of brides over the years has seen it all. Her top tips make for the most important things to do before sitting down for your long mehndi session.

Save this list by the expert to make sure that your mehndi event is a hassle-free, well-planned one.

1. Beauty Treatments

“Ensure all nail, beauty treatments, hair removal (not mandatory) are all completed prior to your henna booking day to maximise your staining process. Exfoliate desired areas for henna application and please do NOT moisturise the skin as this can create a barrier preventing stain development.”

2. Communicate Your Vision
“Always discuss design inspiration prior to your booking. This encourages a smoother process and an understanding of what your likes and dislikes are with henna designs. Again this is not mandatory if you are completely happy with your henna artists work, however if there is anything you definitely do not like, please let us know beforehand as it is difficult to change once henna has been applied. With makeup, you can start again if you make a mistake, however, henna stains relatively quickly.”

3. Bring The Entertainment
“Headphones are something I recommend to my clients. Although I want you to be completely relaxed and present for your henna application, understandably there will be wedding preparations and last minute jobs that need addressing, to help tackle this and to avoid smudging your henna, please keep headphones with you.”

4. Treat With Heat

“Heat is ESSENTIAL for stain development. Henna acts as a cooling agent, I would request to keep a hot water bottle or mobile heater nearby. We want that dark stain for your special day!”

5. Quick Break
“Use the bathroom BEFORE henna application, we all know that without your hands, it can get a little difficult. Or you can always resort to asking your fellow bridesmaids after all, they're there to help!”

6. Spare Some Time

“We all know how long henna application can take, and it is important to keep in mind that breaks will be required for both yourself and your henna artist. Buffer in enough time to have a stretch and a break to keep you going. Straws, Easy to eat snacks will be your best friends!”

7. Fit Check

“Finally, be COMFORTABLE. To avoid henna malfunctions, wear part of your outfit beforehand and keep safety pins handy!”

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