Thank you!

Thank you!

The Etiquette of the Thank You card

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


Now you’ve unwrapped all your wedding gifts, and had time to unwind after your reception, there’s one final piece of Wedmin to complete. Sending a Thank You card! It’s a beautiful way to express your gratitude to each and every guest who made an impact on your Special Day, no matter how large or small. Here’s a little helping hand to get you started:

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Think Personal
It’s important to be as specific as possible in your thank you messages. Keep in mind your guests devoted their quality time to celebrate your marriage and attend your functions. Why not acknowledge their exact gift if they gave you one. A handy tip is to keep a detailed record of all the gifts received and which uncle and aunty gave them to you.

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Think Specific
Those at the top of your list like your parents, in-laws, and bridal party, should be written first. A pro tip? Get these cards written straight after your wedding, so you can write the most heartfelt and genuine messages to those who deserve it the most. Don’t forget about the guests that couldn’t make your wedding but sent a gift. This could also include your makeup artist, head caterer, or wedding planner who helped so much on the day making sure everything ran smoothly.

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Think Timely
A window of about one to three months provides plenty of time to ensure your cards have been ordered, written, addressed, signed, sealed and delivered! (Don’t forget to split the work with your other half). Why not pick a card colour that matches your overall wedding theme for consistency?

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Think thorough
While errors can happen, nobody wants a VIP guest to feel left out if they don’t receive a card. If you’re efficient, you’ll ensure every person who should get a card receives one. Make a list, write your cards, and check your list again. For weddings with over 150 guests, this can be very time consuming. Remember each guest will be grateful to receive their note in the mail.

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Think Creative
Adding a special photo alongside your note will add extra detail and a personal touch to your messages. Why not insert a polaroid of you and your loved one cutting your wedding cake, dancing at your reception or enjoying your honeymoon? You could even add a description of your time away together. It could also be an exciting taster for guests that might want to pop round for a full wedding album viewing when all your photos arrive.



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