3 Unique Ways To Transform Your Wedding Venue

3 Unique Ways To Transform Your Wedding Venue

From Seating To Tableware Settings, Wow Your Guests With These Attention To Details.

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Personalisation is the key to making your dream wedding come true. And if you haven’t yet been called out for being too picky or detail-oriented, you haven’t personalised enough. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the right decor, if you’re giving it your all then why get everything you want out of it too.

Every little detail adds to the memories you make on your Big Day. For you to achieve the trendiest and the most epic results, we’ve narrowed it down to three peculiar details. Chairs, linens and plates! Often left at the venue or decorator’s discretion, these play a crucial role in shaping the ambiance of your event. This is where Chairs On Demand steps in, offering a hassle-free solution to these fine details. “We are a trustworthy and reliable chair, linen and charger plate hire company for any event, small or big travelling across the UK. We offer a wide range of charger plates, chairs and linen packages. We also do setup and offer pack down options” explain founders Sandeep and Anogge.

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Get Your Own Chairs

Chairs are a very important part of your wedding décor setup. Beyond the basics of providing your guests with a decent and comfortable chair, you also need to think about what kind of style do you want. Then comes in the colour. Most importantly, it is essential to make sure not a single one of your guests gets a wobbly or damaged chair. While many renowned venues in the UK offer chair-inclusive packages, if you’re looking for a specific style turn to Chairs On Demand. Their wide range of options and on-ground management promise you the best results.

Choose Your Linens

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Fresh, clean and fine table linens can truly take a wedding from mediocre to luxurious. Find and hire the linens of your choice with Chairs On Demand. “If you would like us to work with your event planners or decorator, we are happy to liaise with them regarding times, layouts and number of items required.”

Pick Your Plates

You don’t have to settle for what your vendors have in their inventory. Give Chairs On Demand a call any day of the week to hire the perfect plates to match your décor. Finer details like choosing plates to compliment the colour palette of your décor will elevate your wedding.

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